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5 Simple Ways to Reduce the Amount of Water You Use on Vacation in Hawaiʻi

July 14th, 2022 Culture
5 Simple Ways to Reduce the Amount of Water You Use on Vacation in Hawaiʻi

Climate change, a growing population and tourism industry, and other factors can all perpetuate a potential fresh water shortage here in Hawaiʻi. We can all help do our part in sustaining and creating a culture that appreciates and respects our freshwater systems! Visit the islands while also being mindful and try these simple ways to reduce water consumption on vacation in Hawaiʻi - and at home.

1. Have a Shower Instead

Generally, a bathtub of water uses far more gallons of water than a shower (according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, taking a shower uses 10 to 25 gallons of water, while taking a bath can use up to 70 gallons). Save water by skipping the bath and opting for a shower instead. Furthermore, consider showering every other day, especially if you’re not working up a sweat.

Plus, when you stay with Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel, the beach is our front yard, so to speak! A dip in the salty water enriches your body with hydration and minerals like sodium, magnesium, and calcium, and it helps wash away toxins and dead skin cells.

2. Keep the ‘Do Not Disturb’ Sign Up

Whether you want more privacy, more security, or simply more space without interruption, a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign hanging outside your guest room can come in handy during your Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel stay. What’s more, the sign has proved to be more eco-friendly, in that it directs hotel staff to skip housekeeping duties for the day. After all, if there is less washing of the towels and bedding, there is less water use! When keeping track of guests who declined housekeeping service, one major hotel chain found that they had lowered their energy use by 13.2 percent, their water use by 7.7 percent, and their greenhouse gas emissions by 15.8 percent.

3. Be Mindful of the Tap

Turning off the tap while performing daily life tasks like brushing your teeth, washing your hands, and washing dishes can save hundreds of gallons of water a month. Other ways to conserve water within your hotel room include rewearing your outfit (doing one less load of laundry saves up to 30 gallons of water) or reusing your dishes just once.

4. Support Voluntourism

Consider supporting an initiative with a water conservation focus on your Hawaiʻi vacation. Local organizations fighting for water rights or a Clean Water Charity are great places to start. We hope these voluntourism opportunities on Oʻahu inspire you!

5. Make Conscious Food Choices

Agriculture accounts for around 70% of global freshwater consumption, by using water to hydrate crops, provide drinking water for animals, and in the production of feed, fertilizers, and pesticides. Simply put, what you eat and where your foods are from can have a large impact on water conservation. Make your diet more water-friendly by minimizing meat and dairy consumption (which are both very water intensive enterprises!) and buying locally produced foods. Eating locally is easy when in Hawaiʻi. Many restaurants serve dishes prepared with ingredients grown from the islands like fruits (such as coconut, pineapple, banana, mango, and avocado), nuts, rice, seaweed, coffee, and vegetables (like taro, sweet potato, and yams). Know where to look for the best restaurants in Waikiki when you read about Hawai’i food and drink on our Blog.

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